I’m going to start with my favorite thing ever. I was looking at silly snails late at night when I saw this guy just sitting on the grass.

Mine now.

I spent over an hour with this baby. He was so alone except being surrounded by snails. I guess he could have been adopted by them.

He didn’t seem to mind me carrying him around. I took him to the beach. I just wanted to lay in the sand so I put him on my chest.

I thought he might be hungry so I texted my dad for a piece of bread. I went upstairs to get it and they didn’t seem to be all that happy that I brought my baby with me, but oh well. I don’t know if you even realize how badly I wanted to keep him. I ended up digging a hole under a bush and covering it with big leaves and flowers. Of course I put the bread in there. I realized I was a little drunk so I said goodbye and kissed my baby.


There are so many snails where I am right now.

There was even one at the bottom of the pool and I had to rescue it. I have to rescue everything.


I found an empty shell earlier that day and instead of keeping it I decided to give it back in case someone was looking for a larger home. I found one that was like fat guy in a little coat and tried to help him move.

He crawled all over it, checking it out. I don’t know if that’s the home he chose. I got tired of waiting and left.

This is gonna be weird