I was wandering through hallways of a school, a university or college. I am somewhat lost but i realize i am late for a final exam in math, it’s always math. I get to the room and other students are finishing up. The teacher is my neighbor, Matt, who pet-sits for me and helps me fix things around the house. He’s never been mean to me but he seems very angry that I showed up late because now he has to be stern with me. We agree on a time for me to make up the test the next day. I go outside to the maze of parking lots to look for my truck. I almost never find it but when I do, I don’t have my keys. I am back to wandering through huge hallways with high ceilings, almost like a museum. Strangely i find a bar randomly in the middle of one, kind of like one of those airport bars, you only have to go two steps out of your way for a drink. My friend Jaime is there and someone else who is her friend. I have a beer and then order a second. Someone comes behind the bar and is throwing mcdonalds hamburgers out in plastic bags like prizes at a basketball game. I beg and beg and then i catch a bag. When i first look into it there is only two burgers so i look for someone to share with, then i look down again and there are 6 burgers. I ask jaime and her friend if they want one but they both decline. I look down again and there are two layers of 6 burgers so now i have a huge task of giving them all away. A minute later Jaime and her friend decide to leave pretty fast, so I give a few burgers away and put the rest on the bar. My brother and sister in law show up and sit next to me. They both pull out all their cash, count it and set it on the bar. my brother has a gun that he puts in some under bar holster, like they hooks they put there for purses. An old friend of mine, Carrie, shows up with four of her friends. We are not on good terms. My brother and sister in law get distracted and move far away from the bar. I feel it is my job to guard all of our things. Carrie and her friends move closer and I am worried they will try to steal their money. I move to provide a shield for their money and gun but then I realize my stuff is unprotected. I move back just to grab my backpack but when I look back over I can see them messing with the money. I run back over and scream at them to put the money back and they do put some back but not all of it, i can tell. They all run off just as my brother and sister in law return from wherever they were. I explain the situation and my brother looks down at his gun holster under the bar and its gone. I freak the fuck out because stealing a gun is serious business. He keeps talking and exaggerating his words like I should know what he’s talking about. I end up looking down and the gun with the holster is slung across me under my jacket. Well thats great, I must have instinctively done that trying to protect his things. But then he’s like just tell me I took the money and I should give it back. He thinks because I have the gun, I am the one that stole his money. I am shocked. I don’t even know how he thinks i could do that but both of them do and just keep telling me to admit it. So i decide to empty my pockets. But remember how they gave some of the money back? Well I must have put it in my pocket and for some reason it has a stamp that says made in Hollywood which means it was his money. There is now way I could look more guilty. I end up tracking my old friend down at a club that had a lot of riff raff, the kind you don’t talk back to. This one dude in front was like get the fuck out of here essay. Carrie came out crying and apologizing, she said she had no choice and these people forced her to do it. Apparently they also stole my brothers car. She slipped me a small piece of paper with an address and keypad codes on it.

So we all get in my brother’s car to go find his car (shrug emoji). I am sitting in the middle seat in back and randomly my friend Jaime is sitting on my right wearing this super bright pink lipstick. We are all smoking even though none of us actually smoke. The window on her side was cracked and we were trying to throw our cigarettes out and she just kept getting that bright pink lipstick everywhere, like on the ceiling and window. We finally arrive to the address and it was in an apartment complex bottom level. The car wasn’t anywhere to be seen and the guy living there, who looked like a mobster, said he hadn’t seen it. It turns out the two levels above him were fake, it was this massive area with car lifts and stolen cars. His car was in there even though we had just driven it to get there. Then my dog woke me up.

This is gonna be weird