I was sleeping very deeply when my ex husband woke me up. We were living in the house I grew up in as roommates. He had decided to store a guitar and few small instruments in the corner of my room since it had better acoustics than his room. First of all he doesn’t play guitar or any other instrument besides drums, Second, it’s my room. I told him to get his crap out of my room or I would put it all through a wood chipper. He had gotten married pretty soon after our divorce and even had a baby, they didn’t live with us though, he would go visit them. I made fun of him for that and then went about my day. I was driving north on 281 when I realized I missed my turn so I did a super fast u-turn. My truck turned but I kept going, it was like I was looking at a screen, trying to drive my truck through it. Since I was no longer driving my truck it went off the road and stopped. I was going in that direction when I came to a turn. There was a pony and carriage. The pony fell or laid down and all the sudden was in a pool of water, like a hot tub sized pool. I hopped in because I wanted to pet the pony and when I looked down I was wearing a one-piece bathing suit with tights underneath. As I was hanging out with the pony in the small pool people started to join. It was the people who lived in the neighborhood at that turn. They all started gossiping about each other and the other people that lived in the neighborhood. I didn’t live there so I had nothing to contribute. Eventually it was decided that the party should be moved to someones house so we all headed there. While at someone’s house, my parents showed up. I kept trying to eat all the food because that’s what I do when I sleep hungry.

Some time passes and I’m in a small town much further away with a friend I used to have, Alicia. We were at some tennis courts tucked into a small, clean neighborhood. Two teams showed up, one was the high school I went to, TMI. They weren’t tennis teams though, this was some other sport. A person from one team would hold a giant target and a person from the other team would throw arrows at it. Some of my old students who are well into their 20s now, were on the TMI team. Suddenly all those people from the party were there too. One player threw an arrow off to the side near my dad and he picked it up to throw it back but it went so far out of the court we couldn’t even see where it landed. I told alicia I wanted to leave because I was really tired and it was a long drive but she started complaining and saying I hated small towns and that’s why I wanted to go. A little later I started floating.

When I got home the ex husband was moving out, which was fantastic news but he had replaced the door on his room with a huge piece of plywood. There was nothing wrong with the old door. I couldn’t wait to tattle on him to my parents.

This is gonna be weird