It started at some kind of sleep over camping thing. There was a large cabin in the middle of nowhere where everyone could spread their sleeping bags in one big room. Then these sounds started to come from outside, deep rumbling growls, like no animal. I looked outside and there were these huge frog shaped creatures. They sat like frogs but had different textures and colors. Everyone was getting scared because there seemed to be so many and they were awful looking. I went over to a side window and I saw one of these creatures starting to eat a horse but the horse was just standing there like it didn’t even notice.

like this but as big as a bear and the legs were more hoof shaped

Then two parents walked in the front door smiling and holding a bag of rice crispy treats. I love rice crispy treats! I went over to them and sat down and they gave me one and then I wanted another because I could eat 10 of those. Then I noticed a slight stinging/suction feeling on the back of my arm. I looked at it and there was nothing. Then I looked back at the two parents with the treats and they were smiling manically at me like the witch from Hansel and Gretel trying to fatten them up. I realized it must be an illusion and I probably looked just like that horse outside to other people. I managed to break away from their spell or whatever after a struggle and I started running. I went outside and just tried to find someone else that was still normal but they had all changed. They still looked like themselves but they were different, even the animals. There was some dog, and I felt like it was after me to make me change so I started scratching at the dog to kill it, but it was so hard to get through the skin. Once I did get through the skin I could see its flesh and it was the color of Pepto Bismol. I scratched a little further and I made a hole in that flesh and I could see into the body cavity. It was filled with rolls of toilet paper! Then all of the sudden the dog started acting like its old self again, its name was Peter (maybe because I have a dog named Peter, who knows). It occurred to me that the cure for this “body snatching” was to sort of kill the flesh under the top skin layer. So I decided to “cure” a couple people because of course they wanted to be cured. They fought against me but that was probably the “alien” part of them not wanting to change. That wasn’t the case. After they were cured they still wanted to go back to their new self. Then I just decided to give up, but they didn’t change me. The boss decided it liked me the way I was. So everyone was happy, we were in this huge cabin all having fun. Turns out these creatures had some pretty neat, advanced technology. Then there came a threatening noise from outside. It turned out to be some rival gang or tribe of these things. They all looked human though. So four of our tough guys, I think original from the sleepover, prepared to go out there. They pressed some button and this hard, layered shell like helmet grew over their heads. A fifth guy stood in the doorway to see what would happen. The newcomers had so many weapons, they had some missiles that looked like oldie timey nukes painted black. Not sure what good they would be from fifty feet away but the guy standing in the doorway decided that was too much and made a decision. He pushed a button and these scale like metal plates grew over the whole cabin on the outside and it somehow became a round shape. We lifted off and zoomed away so fast everyone flew backwards. It all took about 5 seconds. Out of nowhere (dream land) a pilot’s seat and controls appeared. We could see out these huge windows in the front and we were flying so fast but always directly over a road. I wondered why we couldn’t go in other directions but remembered I recently read a book where these hoverboards always had to fly over metal to stay floating and figured it had to be like that but with asphalt. It was like a roller coaster, sometimes so steep on the way down. I did wonder what had happened to those four left behind. It ends here.