I was with a friend I had in middle school, Kim and her husband. We realized we needed to go to the airport so we got in the car. Kim’s husband, Raul, was driving and he was kind of a crazy driver. So we get to the airport and my dog jack is there so I’m like “Hey, Jack’s coming with”.


We are hungry, because thats my common theme. We find this place that kinda looks like a Friday’s or some other dumb chain. They went to the front to order and I went to go find us a booth. I find one where these people were just getting up so I sat down quick because there weren’t any other tables and there were lots of people hovering. I have our bags there and I am trying to make it look full but these two kids (maybe 12ish) sit down across from me. I get up and grab the back of their shirts and literally throw them out of the booth. They are brats anyway. They show back up with the food and end scene.
I start walking through the airport and I’m alone now. I’m sure Jack is just off playing and will find me again later. I wander into a really nice area, like those lounges you have to pay extra for. The tables are sparse and everything is really nice. I go up to one table and they are gambling. All of the sudden the game is over and some guy with long curly hair looks up at me and thanks me. I obviously have no idea what for but it seems he thinks I helped him win the game. I keep walking through the room and then turn into a large hallway.


There are high ceilings and nothing along the wall. I get to the end and turn into another hallway which is even nicer than the last, with marble floors. I get to the end of that one and turn to another, even fancier with marble floors and maple wood paneling. I turn at the end of that one and run into an old ex boyfriend and I am glad to see him. We get to a door and he knows the key to get in. We walk into this massive room, kind of like the fanciest hotel room ever mixed with an atrium. There are three huge beds on platforms and there is even a pond. I decide the pond looks great so I fall right in but the ex doesn’t join. I get out and it looks like he’s doing cocaine, but like doing it wrong. He sort of tosses the powder at his nose and sniffs in. He offers me some but I decline, so he gets some pills out and offers them, I again decline. We walk around the bed area and then yada yada yada and then that guy from the gambling table shows up. He came to thank me for helping him win $250k and gives me $20k and says he’s going to Alaska.

This is gonna be weird