I woke up in the same room I went to sleep in. I was the kind of drowsy where you could barely move. There was loud music coming from the other side of the wall so I slid down on the ground to bang on the wall. Then I hear some guys voice and I see a small speaker, it was an intercom. He was sorry about the music and said he wanted to meet me, so I told him he had to send a pic first. duh. Along the same wall on the other side of the room there was a window with blinds (it just appeared). The blinds opened to reveal a guy, lets just say is not my type. I was barely peeking over the bed so he couldn’t see me but into the mic I said no thanks because I am too shallow. I ended up walking over for some reason and it turns out there were a ton of people over there. They started coming through the window like it was a door. I started to get a little uncomfortable with this. They started looking through my things and taking them. Things from my childhood, just all my things. I yelled at them and told them to stop but they just laughed at me, so I started tasering them. That would only keep them down for a minute and there were over 10 of them. The next logical thing to do was to start shooting them. I would shoot some of them twice in the head but they would just laugh at me. Whenever I did see blood it was black (yes, like the 100). Then the meanest girl said they can’t die, like they were some cool clique who couldn’t be killed. They took every single one of my things, even the worthless crap. I thought they would kill me when they were finished, I was just kind of laying on the ground beaten down and out of energy. But she leaned down and placed a sticker on my fingernail and said now her “kind” could always find me and they liked to have parties and torture one or two like me. Then they left. Later I was in a pool with a few friends nearby. There was some big guy a few feet away and I could just tell he was one of those immortals. I started making bedroom eyes at him so he floated over to me and got real close. Then my 3 friends came up behind him and we all started to hold him under. I think we were trying to see if drowning them would work, and it did for a bit. He came around though and we hightailed it out of there like a house cat staring at a coyote. He was chasing us but my mom was up ahead waiting in one of those cool old woodie suvs. He was so close behind though, there was no way we would all make it into the doors before he got there. Most of us got in, not me yet. I don’t know what happened but when all the doors closed there was one of him in the car and one of him outside the car, like we tore him into 2 parts: The part before he was immortal and the part after. End Scene.

This is gonna be weird