I decided to skip school and go to a bar at around 8 am. I couldn’t remember which class it was I even had that day. There was a tall guy also sitting at the bar. He was very unpleasant to be around but he could turn into a small animal that kinda looked like a squirrel. He could choose what color it could be also, so he did teal first, then pink and then black. His squirrel form was also pretty grumpy but I love animals so I grabbed it and scratched under its chin until it started purring.

After a couple of drinks this guy I knew came in with a couple friends. His name was Sean and I knew him while I was in grad school. He’s a cute guy so I was talking and flirting with him. Then this big group came in and this guy Steve who used to live across from me when I lived in College Station came up and thanked me for coming to his birthday party. For some reason he decided to have it in San Antonio even though he lives in Houston. I felt bad because I didn’t realize it was his birthday. After hanging out for awhile and showing my squirrel friend to a few people I decided to go outside and go shopping and I asked Sean to go with me. It was nice out and I was still being flirty so I asked him if he wanted to go get something to eat. We went to a mexican place he picked out. While we were waiting for our food I started working there, refilling people’s water and tea glasses. I went to the back to ask some girl where I could refill a pitcher and she looked at me all snotty and ignored my question. I decided to ask once more in a normal tone and she cussed me out. I told her I didn’t give a fuck what she thought and called her the c word and left the kitchen. When I went back out our food was there but in my path to the table were a couple of toddlers playing on the ground. I sat down to play with them and I never really got to the food.

This is gonna be weird